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SPOT On Denmark in Vienna has grown: bigger venue – bigger event

 |  Henrik Friis has 565,000 unique daily users making it Austria’s biggest site. Spot On Denmark is on the front page… The music fans of Vienna know about the campaign on Friday featuring Reptile Youth, Darkness Falls and Il Tempo Gigante: there are previews at Austria’s biggest website, on the info screens in the subway and at the university in Vienna and in virtually all significant media.

When Reptile Youth, Darkness Falls and Il Tempo Gigante go on stage to play at the Spot On Denmark campaign in Vienna the event will be a lot bigger than the previous two years:

First of all, the turn out of music fans for the 2010 and 2011 events was so huge that this year the SPOT On Denmark showcase has moved from the venue B72 to WUK, which has a capacity of 500 (300 people more than at B72).

Second the network and music business part of the campaign has grown too. Thus, it now boasts a two-day program focusing on Vienna bands Thursday, while the daytime Friday will be spent on a sightseeing trip that explores the Vienna music scene (clubs, record companies, media, etc.) and may be labeled as a “who-is-who” meeting with the Vienna music industry, before a network dinner in the evening and finally the three concerts. In addition to the Danish and Austrian participants there will be representatives from the English, Polish, Slovakian and German music businesses.

Great advance interest in the Danish acts
All three Danish bands in the line-up (selected by the Austrian music business at the 2011 SPOT Festival) are enjoying a lot of attention before the event:

  • Both Darkness Falls and Reptile Youth are in rotation on the Austrian equivalent of MTV – the music channel GoTV and on the so-called “uniscreens” at the university campus.
  • Darkness Falls and Il Tempo Gigante are in rotation on FM4 (corresponds roughly to BBC Radio 1), which has also interviewed Darkness Falls and Reptile Youth, and which will produce an acoustic session with Darkness Falls.
  • Il Tempo Gigante have been portrayed on Radio channel FM 5, because they will play together with the hip Austrian act Garish at their SPOT ON Denmark concert (a collaborative project which has been spawned with the assistance of SPOT On Denmark collaborator Ink Music, and which is likely to increase the buzz around the event as well as the turn out).
  • Austria’s biggest site has written about the event (click here) – 565,000 unique users every day and 2.5 million a month –  as have most of the significant printed media.
  • For two days on the info screens of the subway trains in Vienna the passengers have been made aware of the SPOT On Denmark night. 

Etc. etc.

The three bands can probably capitalize on the interest and secure booking agreements and (hopefully) gigs at venues and festivals, because in all three cases the record company contracts are long since home and dry. No wonder MXD CEO Thomas Rohde is very happy with the results so far. He says, “Last year we grew too big for our Vienna setup and with financial backing from the Danish Arts Council’s Music Committee we have also been able to expand the network event in connection with this year’s campaign.

We know for a fact that these campaigns help make a difference: last year, for instance, the SPOT On Denmark event in Vienna led to the German branch of EMI deciding to release Vinnie Who in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.”

The Music:
Thursday Feb. 1: SPOT on Vienna – B72, Hernalser Gürtel Bogen 72 -73, 1080 Wien
21:30 – 22:15: Diver
22:30 – 23:15: Saedi
23:30 – 00:15: Monster Heart

Friday Feb. 2: SPOT On Denmark – WUK, Währinger Straße 59, 1090 Wien
21:00 – 21:45: Il Tempo Gigante feat. GARISH (AT)
22:00 – 22:45: Darkness Falls
23:00 – 23:45: Reptile Youth
– Aftershow at WUK Foyer with Danish and Austrian DJs.

– – –
The SPOT On Denmark events are organized and run by MXD in association with ROSA – the Danish Rock Council.