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SPOT On Denmark in Vienna – still growing

 |  Henrik Friis

Vinnie Who - showstoppers at the SPOT On Denmark event in January 2011.SPOT On Denmark was welcomed with open arms by the Austrian music business, media and fans. Despite the blistering cold of winter and despite the fact that the campaigns these first two years were held on weekday nights, the B72 venue was packed on both occasions so the Austrian jurys who selected their favourite bands obviously did a great job.

In fact the buzz around the music with large turnouts as well as the dedication on part of both the Danish and Austrian music business have led to serious plans about moving SPOT On Denmark to a bigger venue – to welcome an even larger audience. And then there is an extra bonus: The central position of Vienna means that not only Austrian and Danish music business people show up. At the latest SPOT On Denmark in Vienna on the third of February 2011 there were also Hungarian, Swiss, French and German music business representatives present at this miniature version of the SPOT Festival.

The day after the SPOT On Denmark events in Vienna the same program has been featured at Rockclub in Salzburg.

SPOT On Denmark@Vienna

February 1 2013, WUK – 600 audience (full)
Broken Twin
The Eclectic Moniker

February 2 2012, WUK – 600 audience (full)
Reptile Youth
Darkness Falls
Il Tempo Gigante

February 3 2011, B72 – 250 audience (full)
Winnie Who
Sleep Party People

February 4 2010, B72 – 250 audience (full)
When Saints Go Machine
Ginger Ninja
Kiss Kiss Kiss

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