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Nov. 30 2011 – Brussels: SPOT On Denmark celebrated its fifth year in the European capital!

 |  Henrik Friis

Iceage - International hype phenomenon. (Photos by Vasilis Panagiotopoulos)SPOT On Denmark celebrated this week its 5-year Brussels anniversary with another edition bringing an eclectic musical mix to the Belgian audience.

SPOT On Denmark celebrated this week its 5-year Brussels anniversary with another edition bringing an eclectic musical mix to the Belgian audience. The line-up consisted of international hype phenomenon Iceage, real-instrument dubstep maestros F.U.K.T, discopop extravaganza Vinnie Who and dark electro-pop princesses Giana Factory.

F.U.K.T on stage at AB - real-instrument dub maestros.A diverse music cocktail
The Brussels crowd enjoyed this diverse music cocktail that resulted in a big dubsteb dance during F.U.K.T.’s performance and some excessive mosh pit activity to the fierce sounds of Iceage. Giana Factory provided with a great atmospheric intro, while Vinnie Who easily got the crowd going. Vinnie Who frontman Niels Bagge observed: “Great atmosphere! It was very nice to play here. I was blown away by the venue. The starlit background was amazing.” A definite highlight of the evening was Giana Factory’s special joint appearance with one of the hottest new Belgian acts, School is Cool. Lisbet Fritze, GF guitarist observed:“School is Cool were so nice. Normally we play just the three of us, so this collaboration was a challenge. Rehearsals were really funny. They were very inspiring guys and we look forward to coming back to Belgium in the near future.”

Giana Factory and School is Cool.

Giana Factory and School is Cool.

Results are on their way
The pre-show dinner was held in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and a lot of concrete results are already on the table for the participating artists, including booking and distribution deals. Kristian Nyholm Giana Factory’s representative from Fake Diamond Records commented: “Showcase Festival Waves Vienna want to book Giana Factory next year. We also got offers for more special appearances in Belgium and finally an offer from a well-known Dutch booking agency.” Vinnie Who manager Malte Erbs observed: “We already got the professional results we were aiming for: our local label manager (EMI) will be working with us on the release of Vinnie Who’s second album. And Quiet concerts is already working on our booking.”

Vinnie Who  - discopop extravaganza.

Vinnie Who - discopop extravaganza.

Gunnar K. Madsen, Director for SPOT Festival & ROSA commented: “This year’s expanded conference and B2B program demonstrates the true value of long-term development work. Gathering 65 delegates from 10 different countries at an independent SPOT event in Brussels is neither something that can be achieved overnight, nor something we can achieve on our own. The 5 year cooperation with the Belgian music sector is truly starting to prove its value and I am delighted that we were able to create an event which truly supported the trade interests of both countries.”

Iceage - getting response from the crowd.