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Post-SPOT news: Heading back to Montreux Jazz Festival

 |  Henrik Friis

Hell yeah SPOT ON DENMARK is heading to Montreux Jazz Festival for the second year in a row. Following this years amazing SPOT Festival in Denmark (which swimming in the Århus sun boasted new international music delegate, national delegate as well as ticket-buying-fan records) a Swiss music industry & press jury decided to bring home their highlights from the SPOT Festival. So dear Swiss friends, mark the 10th of July in your calenders…


Montreux Jazz Festival, Le Matin, Toxic FM, 20 Minuten, Kanal K and Rockstar headed to Århus for the 16th edition of the SPOT Festival in Århus Denmark. With +120 cutting edge Danish and Nordic bands on the bill this group of Swiss music industry sector pros went on a treasure hunt to find and bring home their 3 favorite new Danish artists. Mission accomplished! On Saturday the 10th of July 2010 the Montreux Jazz Café will be boasting a line-up of the most promising new Danish artists:

CODY (22:00 – 22:40)

Magical songwriting that doesn’t leave a single beating heart cold


KISS KISS KISS (23:00 – 23:40)

18 year old kids that are already touring Europe with their explosive and danceable Scandinavian keyboard-rock rebellion


GINGER NINJA (00:00 – 00:40)

The new Copenhagen pop sound, giant hooks, tight guitars and razor sharp electronic keyboard driven sounds