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Strong foothold for Danish music in Northern Germany

 |  Henrik Friis

Kellermensch at the Indra Club in 2010 - What a show!By now SPOT On Denmark has thrived in Germany for years. In part in Berlin and the last two years in Hamburg in connection with the rapidly growing Reeperbahn Festival.

And although the Reeperbahn Festival boasts an overwhelming programme for the three festival days, SPOT On Denmark has managed to keep the attention of both the audience and the press from which Danish music has benefitted so much in Germany over the latest years. Last year – and this year too – at the club Indra where the Beatles made their Hamburg debut back in their day.

Danish music has a very strong foothold in Northern Germany these years, and SPOT On Denmark helps consolidate this foothold.

SPOT On Denmark@Hamburg

Indra, Reeperbahn Festival, September 25 2010 – 850 audience during the night (capacity 350)
Ginger Ninja
The Rumor Said Fire
Thee Attacks

Knust, Reeperbahn Festival, September 26 2009 – 1000 audience (full)
When Saints Go Machine
Oh no Ono
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

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