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A Belgian-Danish love affair

 |  Henrik Friis

Brussels is the city which has hosted the most SPOT On Denmark campaigns.

All four previous years it has been the venue Ancienne Belgique – AB –  which has set the stage for the events with the important detail, however, that at last year’s edition in November SPOT On Denmark moved to the big concert hall of the venue, AB Box and attracted 600 fans and music business people after three years in AB’s smaller concert hall with a capacity of half that number. And with that attention we’re staying at the AB Box for the 2011 edition as well.

Danish music holds a unique position in Brussels. Under Byen, Saybia, etc. had already planted the Danish flag before the arrival of SPOT On Denmark. But this annual event has played a big part in expanding the Danish-Belgian connection with both music and business connections since the first SPOT On Denmark in Brussels in 2007 when Murder made a name for themselves…

The Belgian jurys at the SPOT Festival have never wavered when it comes to handpicking the cream of the newest Danish shooting stars, who will subsequently be presented at SPOT On Denmark in Brussels – and later at club venues and at festivals. Something which the list below makes abundantly clear.

SPOT On Denmark@Bruxelles

2011 – November 30, AB Box, (capacity 700):
Vinnie Who
Giana Factory

2010 – November 24, AB Box, 600 audience (capacity 700):
The Kissaway Trail
Chimes & Bells

2009 – November 26, AB Club, 280 audience (full):
Lucy Love
Fagget Fairys
I Got You On Tape
Prins Nitram

2008 – November 15, AB Club, 280 audience (full):
Band Ane

2007 – November 3, AB Club, 280 audience (full):
Band Ane

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AB – Ancienne Belgique