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Belgian Efterkids join Efterklang at SPOT ON DENMARK in Brussels

 |  Henrik Friis

A few weeks ago SPOT ON DENMARK & Efterklang launched a call to find 6 Belgian Efterkids to accompany them and perform on the main stage of the AB for next weeks 4th edition of SPOT ON DENMARK in Brussels at AB… the call has been answered.

The call certainly didn’t go unheard. We saw fine pieces appear in national Belgian printed press such as Metro, RifRaf and Brussel Deze Week and we also heard the call resound on the likes of radio channels  Fm Brussel and Klara and even TV with Ketnet.

A super-enthusiastic reaction was received from violin player Yumika Lecluyze who teaches at the music school of Sint Agatha Berchem in Brussels. Yumika is specialised in giving lessons to young children, from the age of 3 years and up, and applies the Suzuki method to do so. This method was developed in the middle of the 20th century in Japan by Shinichi Suzuki. He noticed that children learn their mother tongue very quickly, with little chance of failure, through daily repetition and practice. In a similar way, he also attempted to teach them to play music. His method, which he called ‘talent education’, is based on this principle of natural learning. The method emphasizes the experience of music at a young age.

Yumika: “Seeing as my students start to learn to play violin so early, we quickly achieve a high level of ability. The children I have in mind for this Efterkids  collaboration are maximum 10 years old but play extremely well and are highly developed musically. I organize many concerts with my children myself and we play music from all corners of the world in all sorts of styles.”

Yumika herself has previously played with the likes of “Belgian giants” Hooverphonic and Buscemi and can be heard on CDs from the likes of premier league Belgian acts Tom Helsen, Hooverphonic, Savalas and Ronny Mosuse. A dream candidate to guide everything in the right direction.

How she and her Efterkids sound can be heard on WEDNESDAY 24 NOVEMBER. The Efterklang songs  ‘Natural Tune’ and ‘Full Moon’ shall certainly never sound the same again once they’ve been powered by Yumika’s Efterkids.