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SPOT ON DENMARK in Brussels just 1 month away!!!!

 |  Henrik Friis

OH MY GOODNESS! What’s wrong with all these weird Nordic types flocking peaceful, waffle-loving Brussels? There’s clearly something wrong. There has to be! Probably they lost their way… We don’t know. And they come in numbers too. Look, a whole lot of them! Lucy Love, I Got You On Tape, Prins Nitram AND Fagget Fairys! What? Don’t you know who these guys are? Well, Lucy Love has been duly tipped as an “old pip-sqeak-gone-wild Danish grime-queen”. I Got You On Tape are the definitive craftsmen of Danish gloom, and have been recently having trouble to deal with the fact that the entirety of their national press has been giving their brand-new album “Spinning For The Cause” raving reviews. Poor them. On the other hand, Prins Nitram can’t help being  a peculiar, yet so impressive multi-talented one-man band. Finally if you haven’t heard Fagget Fairys’ ridiculously addictive catchy hit-single “Feed The Horse” you obviously must have been living in a different country! Dancefloor-oriented electro-rap with light Balkan-influences and comes in a very – we are telling you – attractive package…. Come and discover for the third time in a row a vibrant, overly exciting and very diverse music scene! Come to SPOT on DENMARK III Here’s your only chance to see these exciting new acts before they fleet the country again! We are definitely going to be there. The question is: are you coming?


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