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Danish music big in Belgium

 |  Henrik Friis

On the 26th of November Fagget Fairys, Lucy Love, I Got You On Tape and Prins Nitram are playing the ”SPOT On Denmark” showcase at AB in Brussels. This year the interest from the Belgian press and industry is yet again proving to be significant.

The interest for Danish music in Belgium, has been experiencing considerable growth during the last three years due to the improved bond, between the Danish and Belgian music industries, which the past SPOT ON DENMARK showcases at AB, and the increasing Belgian participation at the SPOT Festival in Århus have created. As always its a Belgian jury consisting of journalists and music industry professionals, that has chosen this years 4 SPOT ON DENMARK bands. 2009’s Belgian SPOT choices are Fagget Fairys, Lucy Love, I Got You On Tape and Prins Nitram.

The successful SPOT ON DENMARK showcases at AB in 2007 and 2008, paved the way for Belgian success for bands such as, Murder and Slaraffenland, who are now solidly founded in the consciousness, of the Belgium music enthusiast. Likewise Band Ane and One Eyed Mule, have harvested record and booking contracts, due to former showcases.

Fagget Fairys interviewed in Guido Magazine.Positive interest
When it comes to this years acts, both Fagget Fairys and I Got You On Tape, have been featured in the Belgian music press, and Fagget Fairys are currently being played on FM Brussel, and their hit “Feed The Horse” has enjoyed heavy rotation on the Flemish Stu Bru radio. Fagget Fairys have already secured themselves, contracts in Belgium, I Got You On Tape, Lucy Love and Prins Nitram, are also experiencing serious distribution and booking interest, which looks likely to at least bring some of them Belgian contracts. 

Great industry participation
A wide spectre of Belgian industry representatives, will attend this years SPOT ON DENMARK, from booking agencies like Live Nation and Quiet Concerts, to record companies, and distributors – who are influential on the European level – like PIAS/Play It Again Sam and News. Moreover European agencies, such as the Dutch Friendly Fire Agency and the French Summery Agency, as well as festivals like the German C/O Pop and Luxembourgish Sonic Visions will join the fun in Brussels on 26 November.

SPOT On Denmark-program 26th of November at AB in Brussels:

19:30-20:00: Film about Vega and the concert halls influence on the Copenhagen music scene

20:00-20:40: Prins Nitram

21:00-21:40 I Got You on Tape 

22:00-22:40: Lucy Love

23:00-24:00: Fagget Fairys 

The Bands are subsequently also playing extra BENELUX gigs here:

25. November

I Got You On Tape, Gent, Café Video

27. November

Fagget Fairys –  Gent – Make Up Club

Prins Nitram –  Liège –  L’Escalier

I Got You On Tape – Sonic Visions – Luxembourg

28. November

Lucy Love – MTV-show – Brussels

SPOT ON DENMARK and the bands have thus far received the following press coverage:

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